Business Owners make significant life and financial investments to build a legacy.  Promus helps business owners navigate the paths of their transition journey, using SmartCompensation™ strategies to protect their family, business, and ownership interests.  Our integrated solutions are designed to help reduce risk, maximize owner enterprise value, and improve tax efficiency. 

BERI™ Assessment


80% of businesses fail to effectively transfer ownership.  85% of the average owner's net worth is locked up in their business.  This highlights the need to start planning your transition/exit strategy today.  We utilize CoreValue®, the #1 best-selling business consulting system, to establish business enterprise value, a pre-transition growth plan, and a financial strategy utilizing SmartCompensation™ programs to facilitate a successful transfer. 


Often, business owners view higher salary as the only means to retain and reward their leadership team.  This practice can make business owners extremely vulnerable.  The retention of key employees is one of the most critical strategies any business owner should consider.  Promus SmartCompensation™ programs help business owners keep key employees engaged and committed, and protect enterprise value. 


Promus provides business owners with a holistic approach that considers both investments necessary for retirement and tax reduction opportunities. Our process dovetails the business priorities with owner's financial and estate plans, capitalizing on tax-efficient business strategies to help our clients prepare for post-business life.  Promus's goal is to protect and grow value, reduce risk, and minimize tax burden.

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