Client:  Privately funded Co-Op partnership

Annual Revenue:  $100+ million 

  • CEO Search was in process

  • Market revealed a gap between desired and expected salary

  • Presented Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) as possible solution to minimize the compensation gap and create a competitive compensation structure to attract the best talent possible


  • Presented an executive retention/reward solution to the Compensation Committee

  • Designed and implemented defined benefit-targeted SERP for the executive team (including the incoming CEO)

  • Integrated an elective deferral of compensation in excess of qualified plan caps for the next level of management with an in-service distribution option

  • Implemented an investment and principal risk-free return program utilizing a top-rated portfolio-based earnings rate

  • Program included an employer match for all participants


  • Created a tiered retention/reward program to attract executive talent and retain key management

  • Provided a “risk-free” turbocharged retirement savings opportunity

  • Provided the client with a focused long-term compensation tool for facilitating executive succession strategy 

  • Finance vehicle provided present value cost recovery for the client

  • Structured program within a Rabbi Trust to maximize benefit security for plan participants