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Navigating the financial pearls and perils is a complicated path for business owners and executives to walk considering all of the operational and market demands on a daily basis.  Below is a Business Exit Readiness Index (BERI™) Assessment and white papers to help you understand some options related to executive retention and transition strategies.

BERI™ Assessment
Business Owner Market Study.JPG

2018 Business Owner Perspectives Study: "Insights from America’s Economic Engine"

Bus owner report - 2019.JPG

2019 Business Owner Survey Report: "A Business Enterprise Institute Study"

Top 10 Questions for Business Owners.JPG

Protect your business and shape your future: "The Top 10 Questions for Business Owners"


Transferable Enterprise Value: "The Importance for SME's"

Key People Pic.JPG

Recruit, Retain & Reward: "How can you keep your most valuable employees"

Split Dollar Arrangements.JPG

Split Dollar Arrangements: "Retention Strategies for Competitive Business"

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