Promus (prō´-mŭs) n. [Latin] – Steward. One who manages property, finances, or affairs for another.


Promus Financial is an executive benefits and business transition planning firm with more than 30 years of market experience in the creative design, implementation and administration of qualified and non-qualified retirement programs and business financing strategies. 

At Promus Financial, we work with corporations and business owners to help them make wise decisions regarding the design and financing of a wide range of executive benefit programs. The result is an executive benefit program that maximizes your ability to recruit, retain, reward and retire your best people. 

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Joel Gilley
Founder and President
Steve Gross
Compensation Advisor
Joe Ayers
Financial Specialist
Steve Bishop
Director, Planning & Analysis
David Olson
Senior M&A Advisor
Dan Yannarella
Financial Specialist