Client:  Private family-owned company

Annual Revenue:  $150+ million 

  • Client had a non-compliant, under-performing existing Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) for 6 executive participants

  • Plan was not properly administered or communicated to participants

  • Client desired to understand their SERP benefit and possibly add 2 new participants

  • Family owners were concerned about retaining executive team members without extending ownership


  • Performed a compliance/performance review of the existing program, amended as necessary

  • Redesigned a defined contribution plan for the executive team

  • Expanded the plan to the next level of 20+ additional participants with “profit-sharing” participation

  • Incorporated elective deferrals of salary and bonus, including the ability to elect in-service distributions for college funding, etc.

  • Integrated both plans onto a web-based administrative platform


  • Established a multi-tiered retention/reward strategy

  • Plan enhanced potential long-term compensation with a vesting schedule that protected the company from short-term employee turnover

  • Aligned the interests of executive team with ownership, resulting in “owner mentality” without diluting family ownership

  • Improved the employee benefits program by providing individual planning for plan participants